Beings wonder and will ask what this Christian Essene Church is. What is this Essene Nation that is rising ... is it positive or negative? Where does it come from and what does it bring as a seed and message?

I will reply that this Church goes back to the origins of Creation. It appeared on earth with the incarnation of Enoch, on a continent that has now disappeared. Today's humanity has no memory of it, for it goes back far before all the known civilizations such as Egypt, India and even earlier civilizations, of which only remains a small trace.

This Church has taken a body through the work of Enoch and has been perpetuated in various forms until today. One of its most beautiful forms was that of the Christian way, which taught that God speaks within man, giving him the gifts of his Holy Spirit such as healing, ennobling or the ability to individualize in consciousness, to help and serve the lower and higher kingdoms.

This path of union with God, of reconciliation, love and healing is fundamental and that is why the name “Christian" has been added to that of the “Essene Church." Thus, the purest legacy of early Christianity passes into the nascent Christian Essene Church.

The Christian Essene Church proclaims that God the Father is the source that gives life, bringing resurrection, ennobling and healing.

Today, the Christian Essene Church is reborn and brings an initiatory path, a wisdom of the Mysteries, an esotericism and an Alliance with the divine world, which religions or initiatory currents no longer have.

Perhaps, you will ask yourself if today it is positive to enter this body of the original Tradition through this Christian Essene Church... I say that this Church is a body constituted on earth by the will of God.

No man can claim the manifestation of the Christian Essene Church on earth. God alone is its creator. God wanted his religion to appear on earth in a renewal. Thus, tomorrow, the Essene religion will be the new religion of men on earth, the new covenant of man with God; It will be the healing of worlds, not in the sense that men generally give to this word, but in a broader, more global sense, that of restoring dialogue and harmony among all worlds, all kingdoms and to establish rules of life that will bring happiness and fullness. The divine soul and knowledge brought through this nascent Church come from the understanding of the Gods, Archangels and Angels who have united to fulfill the will of the Father.


The Christian Essene Church is fundamental to humanity and the earth, not necessarily for what it is today but for the world of tomorrow, which it is preparing and building. Tomorrow, a multitude of beings in search of meaning will be able to come in a framework that will have been elaborated for them so that they can reconnect to the Source and commit themselves to a path of authentic evolution. Thus, the body of the Tradition will be perpetuated until Christ, the Light of the world, reappears on earth to lead his people to the Father, the Source, immortality.

Today, the Christian Essene Church is under construction, but tomorrow it will be in its fullness and in the harvest of all that will have been sown by pioneers who will have responded to the call of the Light.


Men and women who build this Christian Essene Church on earth do the best they can and give their best; they are loyal and true, even if they do not understand everything they do, because it goes beyond them. But I tell you that it will eventually become a great House in which a multitude of beings will come to regain a dignified life and a path of Light. Then, the new religion of God will appear on earth, what will bring forth a body able of welcoming Christ again. Such is the will of God.


Those who build this church today must understand that they are writing a future for mankind and the earth and that they will be blessed.

The Christian Essene Church contains in itself the synthesis of all religions of the world. Here you will find the teaching that leads to inner awakening, which Buddha has transmitted to humanity; devotion and taking care of others brought by Christ; study and understanding of laws that are the pillars of Judaism; discipline and values ​​of the family taught by Mohammed.

The Essene religion is the House of God which contains the quintessence of all religions and traditions that have existed through the ages. In this, it is good, right and far from being dangerous. Only man can bring in the intruder, who is not welcome, but what is taught by God can only be beneficial to all mankind and the earth. Ancient religions will surely be offended at seeing a new face of the universal religion of the Light, and perhaps they will bring accusing words such as “satanic," “sect" or others, against the new Church and Covenant of God. The truth is that Light frightens them, for every new manifestation of God systematically brings a transformation of humanity. This is why dogmas, which have become dead letters, always struggle to carry out the passing, but this will happen over time. For God is greater than anything, He is above religions, and it is His will that the new Covenant will appear through the Christian Essene Church.

The Essene Nation will grow and reveal the greatness and divinity that will lead humanity to a new dimension of Light.

So I say to you that it is good and positive to enter this Church and I say to all men who love God, who seek to be faithful to Him and serve Him, to become Christian Essenes. Enter this religion and carry it on earth, for it is the Covenant with God, not the God of the dead, but the God of the living, who wants to take a body to speak and teach mankind a new path, a new way of being in the world.

The four pillars of this new religion are the four great Archangels: the Archangel of Air, Raphael; the Archangel of Water, Gabriel; the Archangel of Fire; Michael and the Archangel of the Land of Light, Uriel. They are the four foundations of the Temple of the Earth and the Round of Archangels and they will be honoured and venerated in future generations and civilizations.

That is why I invite you now to enter this path and to participate in this work in order to build a divine body on earth in purity for future generations. Welcome this treasure in your life and enjoy this gift. Participate actively in the construction of what will become the blessing for all beings.


March 2013

Essene Village of Cookshire (Quebec)